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When all the hurt inside is trying to come out
And all the pin you have makes you doubt
When sorrows from before come back to haunt
And your past catches up to try and taunt
Just come to the One you know you can trust
Give Him it all before you bust
He is One Word away, waiting on you

So go on, you know what to do
If things from that past make you sigh
Go on, let it out, have a cry
God gave you tears to cleanse your soul
And letting them flow can make you whole
So don’t you worry or feel dismay
If you feel some tears coming your way
Just call on the Name above all Names
He will take your tears and all your pain

So now you know what to do
If old hurts ever come catching up with you
Turn to the One in Whom you can confide
Go on, He’s standing right by your side
He is bigger than any hurt you’ve ever met
And He won’t mind if your tears get Him wet
Call on the One who came to release us
Just say our His Name, the Name of Jesus by Stuart Patterson

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