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Seems like he’s picking them off one by one
How long will it be before they are all gone?
My dear dear friends, who were always around
Now it seems so few are left to be found
Who is to blame for my generations loss?
Who is responsible? Who will pay the cost?
Is it the evil one, that devil called satan?
Yes it is he, and I really do hate him

Use me, O Lord, to help save their souls
This, Father God, I ask for my role
I want them to know Jesus died for their sin
So He could rise and make them new men
I’m so tired, Lord, of seeing them all die
When there really is no need to say goodbye
If only they knew of Your awesome power
That could change their lives, make them bloom like a flower

Thank You, dear LORD, for giving me Your Light
So now I can go out and fight the good fight
Help me, please Jesus, to smash satan’s trends
Help me please god, to rescue my friends
I want them to see what You’re doing in my life
And that looking to You will free them from strife
This is my prayer, LORD please let them be
Sitting in heaven with You and with me


by Stuart Patterson

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