He saw ME

Jesus stopped for Bartimaeus‘ cry Turned for the woman with an issue of blood Looked up for Zacchaeus Crossed a storm-ravaged lake for the man in the graveyard (well the man’s mum never called him Legion) He travelled days for Lazarus Went to the pool for the cripple Touched the leper AND healed him Fed … More He saw ME

Piece n chips

As wee bites go, ye cannae wack The awesomeness of a Scots snack Whether deep fried Mars, or battered ice cream Us Scots know whit eating food really means But for the purpose aw this wee trip A want tae tell ye aboot ma piece n chips Ye know doon in Wales, when in TC … More Piece n chips


    “Innocent as hell, Innocent as hell     and it’s not a lot of fun being here.     I can see a few faces I’d rather see,     be a few places I’d rather be than here.     The judge says, “down you go boy,     not to be seen for five years”,     he says, … More ACYO


Alcatraz San Francisco across the Bay. The sea, the prison bars. and, cellmate. Raining outside hostility inside. Angry and sad. To be free again. My book- it’s my escape whilst in here. He damaged it. Anger thickens the air already tight in this 5×9. Murder! Alcatraz My cellmate at window. Concrete and sweat Fill the … More Murder


Turning it out day after dayThe things going onThe games people playUnbiased and neutral,Balanced and fairWell, so they claimWhat can we sayAbout the journalism game Do a report, but take out YOUR heartIts not rocket scienceYeah, but it is an artTo tell the truth in a factual wayC’mon now guysGet doing it – todayWith balance … More Journalism


Just a mark on my right sided cheekshowing up when I was about three,to be honest, I don’t think too much of itIt came out, showed up, and all day just sits So what, it’s like a dirty markkeeping my cheek So what’s it like, this big brown stain How does it feel, does it … More mole