Awfulthenticity (or the fear of being real)

“Let’s be real, people,
that other people
might see people
that help them be
REAL people.” … More Awfulthenticity (or the fear of being real)



Turning it out day after dayThe things going onThe games people playUnbiased and neutral,Balanced and fairWell, so they claimWhat can we sayAbout the journalism game Do a report, but take out YOUR heartIts not rocket scienceYeah, but it is an artTo tell the truth in a factual wayC’mon now guysGet doing it – todayWith balance … More Journalism


Just a mark on my right sided cheekshowing up when I was about three,to be honest, I don’t think too much of itIt came out, showed up, and all day just sits So what, it’s like a dirty markkeeping my cheek So what’s it like, this big brown stain How does it feel, does it … More mole


The innerexpress-ion of theheart, impreg-natingthemindgiving breaththrough vocabularyand orderingatoms on atoms into anan expression on paper thatother eyes may caress tenderly.Confused mess unravelling be-fore me, the pen takes overa mind of its own. Seem- ing to make sensewherethere is none, on-ly neur-ons bum-ping and baking. My eyes read what my brain con-ceived throughmy hand. Did I, … More Birthing