So much more I could sayAbout everything from those daysThe times at the shops hardly touchedHands out but laughingCash for the drugs Or snowball fights with the men in blueWho wore black, but anyhooThe long weekends in Maryhill nickCos Baird Street was full (hmm that don’t stick) The bundles of tems hid behind the wallWhen … More Next…


“let me entertain you” rang outthe words of the song.I was sitting at mykeyboard, watchingand waitingonthecur-sordo-ingitsmag-ic.Myeyesweredrawnto the box in thecorner that Robbie sang out from.My mind was locked on the screen,now caught up with his imaginationrather than my own. Out of thecorner of my eye thecursor furiously blinked,try-ingtore-capt-uremygaze,but it had lostthe battle. I was now … More Prisoner

He saw ME

Jesus stopped for Bartimaeus‘ cry Turned for the woman with an issue of blood Looked up for Zacchaeus Crossed a storm-ravaged lake for the man in the graveyard (well the man’s mum never called him Legion) He travelled days for Lazarus Went to the pool for the cripple Touched the leper AND healed him Fed … More He saw ME

56 Echoes

Sipping on a cup of coffee, as I mine away in the memory stores of my mind, I go to Facebook for a moment’s relief. A name pops up of an old friend that I haven’t chatted to in a wee whie. Ahh it’s David, I should say hello. Messenger opened, clicking in the box … More 56 Echoes