Piece n chips

As wee bites go, ye cannae wack The awesomeness of a Scots snack Whether deep fried Mars, or battered ice cream Us Scots know whit eating food really means But for the purpose aw this wee trip A want tae tell ye aboot ma piece n chips Ye know doon in Wales, when in TC … More Piece n chips


    “Innocent as hell, Innocent as hell     and it’s not a lot of fun being here.     I can see a few faces I’d rather see,     be a few places I’d rather be than here.     The judge says, “down you go boy,     not to be seen for five years”,     he says, … More ACYO


Alcatraz San Francisco across the Bay. The sea, the prison bars. and, cellmate. Raining outside hostility inside. Angry and sad. To be free again. My book- it’s my escape whilst in here. He damaged it. Anger thickens the air already tight in this 5×9. Murder! Alcatraz My cellmate at window. Concrete and sweat Fill the … More Murder