56 Echoes

Sipping on a cup of coffee, as I mine away in the memory stores of my mind, I go to Facebook for a moment’s relief.

A name pops up of an old friend that I haven’t chatted to in a wee whie.

Ahh it’s David, I should say hello.

Messenger opened, clicking in the box at the bottom i begin to type:

“Hey buddy, hows things?”

My mind stops me there. “Hey buddy” is not a phrase I used growing up, so where did it originate in my mind.

The pressure to recall memories for my testimony book lightly relieved as I now plow the memory banks searching the source, all the tikme consciously aware of a process I had very little control over.

The mind is a wonderful thing, and in itself, mocks all those who claim its existence as an action of time and chance. The mind is too wonderful to be anything other than meticulously planned.

Anyway, flashbulb memory, St Mark’s Family Worship Centre, (now St Mark’s Church) around late 2000. Pastor Gary Davidson puts his arm around one of the young guys there withh Teen Challenge Ireland (at that time based in the church).

The guy was feeling down a bit, Gary moves in with his Oklahoma accent and his crooked wee smile that spoke God’s love way more than most preachers I had heard.

Pulling the guy in and just says “hey buddy…” there it is the origin, the source.

It was a phrase Gary used quite a lot, and I know when I use it, Gary Davidson’s pastoral love and manner is echoing through his words coming out of my mouth.

It makes me smile.

I have known this man, and his wonderful wife, Wilma for nineteen years now and in every single one of them they have exemplified God’s love to Tracy, the girls and myself. He is a pastors’ pastor, a shepherd among shepherds and I am grateful for his place in my life.

That echo made me think of the echo of others down through the years, and how it got there.

Have a think about some of the phrases you use. Remind yourself where they came from.

Let me know.

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