That’s batty

“Right lads, that mad bunch are out there, how are we going to wind them up tonight?” said Jamie. He was the loudest of the group. They never really had a leader as such, but, as with most times when males gather together, one or two were always more outspoken.

They like hanging out at this particular old building in Ayrshire. Not quite sure why, but they had done it for years. Only in the recent past, people had begun to come, apparently, to watch them. It seemed that their particular behaviour was fascinating to outsiders.

Jamie and the rest of the gang, though, just thought this was a hoot and played on it. It made for marvellous mischief.

Eddie said “Why don’t wee go down to the water and get a game of chases, that always seems to get them going. Might do a wee bit of fishing there as well, let them see our gang is a wee bit cultured.”

“Nah” said Tam, I’m fed up wae that place. Need to find a new haunt. I am also fed up wi aw them people. I think we should buzz wan or two ae them the night. Ah love the panic in their faces when somebody fae a gang gets in their faces.”

Tam always wanted to be annoying the watchers. He had spent a few years hanging about a housing scheme before being moved to Ayrshire, and watching some of the local gangs had rubbed off on him. He always wanted to show how tough he was.

“Don’t be daft, Tam “ said Jamie “if we start attacking them, you know what will happen. Those people in the funny uniforms will come and catch us and take us away. They don’t seem to bothered when we act like we don’t notice them.”

“Fair enough, I suppose. But kin we at least aw barge oot the gither? That gies them a fright bit they seem tae expect it as well.” Tam said.

Jamie laughed as he nodded his head.

Davey, for the first time piped up, “Ah fancy flying doon tae that place, whitdaeyecallit, wae aw the trees wae apples an that. Wuv no been there for ages (Subtitle – Davey would like to go to the orchard as it has been a while). A fancy nickin some ae thon apples.”

“haha” says Tam’ briliant mate, lets dae that. We kin hing oot wae the gang doon there for a wee while an aw. There awright that mob. Them at the loch can be a wee bit aggressive for ma likin.”

There’s was quite a large gang. They loved coming here because of the darkness, their type preferred the darkness. The constant chattering and different conversations going on amongst them added up to quite a volume to the watchers.

Jamie shouts above the orchestra of conversations, “Lads we really have to head out in about 10 minutes. Tam since you are up for it tonight you can lead the way.”

“Aye awright.”

As they all started their prep for heading out, it was noticeable that the people outside were aware of the change in that gang. They began to get excited and make sure their cameras were ready to capture the action. All whispering to one another, probably in genuine belief that the gang couldn’t hear them. The guy with the hi viz vest, looking and acting like he was in charge, moved his finger to his mouth urging the people to be even quieter.

A tense excitement built amongst them all as they looked at the opening to the old building. Cameras already taking notes, video already recording and mics in action hoping to pick up some conversation.

The gang inside knew this behaviour inside out. They had watched the people gathering every night through the darker months. Observing their every move, and they found it funny. They thought they were doing the watching but did not realise how expert this gang was at sensing everything. Almost as if every sound, no matter how tiny, could be interpreted visually. They could literally see through walls.

As Tam limbered up, stretching his arms out and shook them loose, he said “Awright bams, yes ready for this. Gerrintae themmmm.”

As Tam first, followed by the rest of the colony of bats let go of their roosts and rushed out through the very small opening in the roof, hundreds of them. They did indeed buzz the watchers as they made their way in their cloud down to the orchard. Laughing amongst themselves at the gleeful gasps emanating from the group of people’s lips. The bats were amazed at how easily humans could be fooled, just by thinking they were superior. These bats really were a fascinating group. They loved it.

As they flew out into the sky, Tam could be heard calling over to Jamie, “That wiz pure dead brilliant mate. Cheers. Ahll never get sick ah windin that mob up. (Subtitle – What great fun that was.)


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