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The Box

In our Introduction to poetry lecture, we were challenged to play with sight and sound, as well as rhyme and rhythm for poetry. I have had to use a screenshot of this poem to make sure it retains the shape of a box in whatever media it is viewed on. The idea was a moment of indecision. I have used line change to dictate the rhythm and then the questions in the readers’ mind (hopefully). It is about reflecting on what could be a life-defining moment and how the heart and the head can often be in conflict with each other. The overall feel and draw of the poem is that sometimes we stay in what is expected of us, (our box), rather than step out into the new. From hard seat  through to the old feet and a body at war with itself  the protagonist is stuck in their moment, not able to break out and feeling the effect this has on their body.

Hope you enjoy.


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