I am utterly, completely and absolutely amazed. Storm Ali (who comes up with these names) punching like a champion heavy weight boxer, has wreaked havoc and destruction all over the place. people have also lost their lives, and I in no way seek to trivialise this. It is heartbreaking and my prayers go out to the families involved.

But Ali, like his namesake, warned of the danger he carried, like all the sports commentators used to wax lyrical about the great Muhammad, the weather forecasters have followed suit by their gushing over Ali. Twice in Glasgow city centre yesterday he had me off my feet and almost landed the knock out blow. At one point I had to run to my corner, (well a coffee shop) to escape his quick blows coming at me one after another.

Trees have fallen to his jabs, buildings have been scarred by his uppercuts. Every leaf in the area, though, seems to have gathered in my driveway to watch the cheeky challenge to this champion of the air, sea and earth. Who dares stand against Ali? Who would be bold enough to withstand his blows and his precision viciousness? Who would laugh in the face of the storm aimed at destruction?

Well actually our next door neighbour’s washing on her whirly gig.

Yep, I looked on with dread yesterday when I returned home to see Linda’s bed clothes hanging out and being blown and tossed in the worst that Ali could throw at them. They caught this windbag and puffed out with pride like the sails in a days gone by majestic sailing ship in full flow. They took every part of his fury, anchored in place by – well little plastic pegs actually.

As I awoke this morning and looked out the window expecting to see destruction and mayhem, and hoping against hope, that next door had managed to throw in the towel and save their bedclothes for the rage of Ali’s ferocious flurries, I was astonished. Ali’s fury had gone. For the moment defeated. The duvet cover was puffing herself out. No doubt smelling fresh and victorious. The towels had held their place and had not given one inch. The mat was just hanging around, as you do when you have beaten a champion.

Ali, Ali, Ali. For the moment was nowhere to be seen. Was he planning a comeback against these upstarts?

All I could really think was, “we need to get some of those pegs”

(Please note that the images used in this are not the actual pegs, their iddentity has been protected to prevent a mass social media assault on their privacy).


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