The Age of Death

“You have to pick an age”
“why?” says me
“you have to, its how it works”
“But”, says me, “I’m really not sure”
“You have to pick an age, no
other way, it’s getting late
please don’t force
me to pick it for you”
“Tell me what, why, wondering aloud
is it that important to you?”

“Pick an age, a year
to match it too
you pick a time you pick a place
Only then can I tell you the truth”

“bbbbbuuuut, this does not make sense,
I don’t even know you,
I only wanted a coffee, you came to me
you say to me, “pick an age so I can
be off, yeah””
Off to where, off to what, why do I have to pick?
Can’t you see
What its done to me
Your question makes me feel sick”

So on it went, back and forth
The pull, the push, provocation
bullets bringing broken bits
braking Brian’s brain

Eventually he could see
there was no other way to do it
He picked an age, said Italy
2 years time will do it

then the voice grew deep and sad
but began to pour out the following
“on that day, in that place,
the age of death will come calling
You get to choose, how to live
in the days to come, no stalling
any way you want to be just
know that is what is following
But come that day, there is no escape
you will pass on this woe to
a fellow
You cannot tell though
the consequence,
their choice will have on you
for as you say just what I say
the age of death will call upon you”

© Stuart Patterson 2018

This poem is a theme that had rattled around my mind for a few days. What if we knew exactly when we were going to die? Would it change our priorities, our goals? How would our diaries look?

As a Christian, I believe that, because of Jesus, I need not fear death, neither it’s methods nor it’s timing as Jesus has removed its sting, but it’s still an interesting challenge. Jesus instead asks us to reach out and offer life to others.

Are our priorities wrong?

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