Thanks for being you

Thanks for being you
Maybe not the best version
But original through and through
You didn’t try and copy
the social media fake
friends and acquaintances
or trail in their wake
of pretence and imagery
A pseudonym trying to make

Thanks for being you
you played no small part
In helping God to mould me
Cos you are you from the heart
You never tried to judge me
or tear me down,
with unwarranted versions
of the adjective to my noun
that would cause others
on hearing you, to frown

Thanks for being you
In the quietness of your smile
That said it’s gonna be ok
and made me go the extra mile
You never stole my character
by whispering it away
to nosey ears that would listen
To the gossip of the day
In fact you being you makes them
turn and run away

Thanks for being you
I really don’t have the words
to try and describe the effect
you have would be truthfully absurd
You never looked for payback
for anything in return
In fact the very mention
would make your stomach turn
You are you from honest motives
and that’s what makes you fun

So with my simple ditty
I am trying to get through
The best for me you can be
is you just being you
Now I’m almost finished
And I hope I’ve made the point
That you’re an inspiration
You never disappoint
So I’m sure your friendship
Only God only could appoint

So please keep being you
The real you in every way
That makes other keep going
In the mire of everyday
Keep the encouragement coming
Even though you don’t see how
Those simple words to me
have infused with power
To keep trying to be the real
me in this life’s vital hour

©Stuart Patterson 2018

For my beautiful wife, Tracy. Without you, I am not me.

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